Kzine is a genre magazine for the Kindle. Published three times a year the aim is to provide quality original genre fiction for the mobile reader. The genres targeted are science fiction, horror, fantasy and crime. In particular mixtures of these genres are encouraged, but the main requirement is quality and originality..

Kzine is not for everyone. If you are a dyed in the wool horror fan, or pure sf or fantasy fan or love crime only, and hate the 'pollution' of your genre with others then Kzine will annoy you immensely.

Kzine is for those readers who like well crafted speculative fiction which may be in any of the genres (horror, fantasy, sf or crime) and especially those who are not bound by genre limits, where a story my cross the genre boundaries. When you start reading Kzine you entering a dark forest. So suspend your expectations and be guided by the authors... off the safe path.

How to Read

I assume most people have an awareness of how to read kindle books, however based on some negative reviews based on people not being able to download them, it might be wise to state the rules. Kzine is a kindle only magazine which means it must be bought from Amazon and downloaded to a kindle or kindle app on a computer or tablet. The kindle or app needs to be registered with the Amazon account the book was bought with. Then in the archive, if not the home page the book should be available to download to your device and read. The free kindle apps available are on the Amazon sites.

Issue 16 of Kzine was published on the 24th of September 2016.

Please have a look and tell your friends. We also need honest reviews on the Amazon websites from those who have tried the magazine.

Yet again this issue continues the mix of sf, horror, fantasy and crime stories so the reader's preconceptions are undermined. See full details on the CURRENT ISSUE page.

Work has started on Issue 17 and it is coming on well keep an eye out here for further news. It is due out at the end of January 2017.

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Graeme Hurry used to edit a UK genre print magazine. See the old KIMOTA website using the link in the LINKS page .