ISSUE 2 - February 2012

The second issue was issued on the 28th of January 2012,

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Issue 2 has a cover by Dave Windett (above) and the following content:
W.P. Johnson - The Stench
Billy Wong - An Unwilling Avatar
Robert Neilson - The Other Brain
Walter Campbell - Lizards
Keith G. Laufenberg - Sandcastles In The Sun
Donald Jacob Uitvlugt - Remote Control
Richard Pannbacker - Time Out
Caroline Dunford - The Squeeze Man

Reviews of Issue 2

KZINE – Issue Two, Edited by Graeme Hurry, Kimota Publications, Kindle Format, £1.53 Reviewed by Steve Dean (British Fantasy Society, 28/8/12)

Issue two of Kzine, and I’m already becoming a huge fan. We have an eclectic mix of eight stories this time, the opener has got to be my favourite, but they are all good.

“The Other Brain” by Robert Neilson is a cheeky, Asimov inspired robot story, but goes to places Isaac never went. When Susan Calzone’s husband dies at an inconvenient time, she is forced to make a robot copy of him. This copy isn’t convincing enough, until she finds out what’s missing. A great story, well told, and one many people will empathise with!

“An Unwilling Avatar” by Billy Wong is a pure fantasy story, and all the better for it. Clara and her partner are fighting a bunch of nasties when Clara is taken over by a powerful force, resulting in her wiping out the enemy boss and routing his troops. But the force isn’t all it seems, and Clara is soon in big trouble. There’s not enough short fantasy fiction around, so all credit to the editor for bringing us this excellent piece.

“Remote Control” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt is a short short, a story about a young boy getting revenge on the man who beat him. It’s dark, and slightly empiric, but it works fine.

So overall, another triumph and another slice of great value story telling. Marvellous.